Acupuncture Around The World

My newest project: Acupuncture Around The World

(See below, in descending order) Philadelphia, New York, Rome

How do people around the globe view acupuncture?  Among practitioners of Chinese Medicine in different countries, what similarities and disparities can we find in terms of technique?  Historically, how did the points and herbs of ancient China spread across civilizations?  These are some of the many questions I became interested in answering, so I (along with videographers, interpreters, and hopefully in the future fellow acupuncturists) am traversing iconic cities of the world; researching, inquiring, and meeting with health care practitioners.  The first two cities in our ongoing multiyear project were Rome and Paris (spring 2015).  Now on display are these two books I created, available in both of my offices’ waiting rooms.  Please come in and take a look; I’m interested in your feedback about the books and where you think would be best to go next!  Enjoy a preview below, and simply click on the photos for a larger view.