“After Gigi’s treatment I felt like I just spent two weeks in Hawaii!”

–Robin Goodrow


“It was like she brought life anew to my body and it lasted for weeks.”

-Janellen O’Hara

“Thank you for the miracle of acupuncture! All the things I’ve tried before, nothing worked but this does.”

-Natalie Stafford

“My first day was a carnival experience.  Today I felt like I spent a week at the spa.  I did not want to leave.  I was so relaxed I thought I was in heaven.”

–Brenda Zunino

“Georjana is an excellent healer.  Not only does she do very effective Acupuncture, but the Chinese herbal formulas—personalized—really make a difference for in-between visits.”

–Kit McKnight

“Georjana helped bring me back to life. In tandem with regular thyroid care, Georjana helped me relax and work to heal my gut and drop unnecessary weight. I feel younger, slimmer and happier!”

David E.

“As a physical therapist, this was my best experience of acupuncture ever! Dr. Gigi Shames is a true healer—my headache disappeared and my energy got boosted up again. You will love her treatments, make an appointment today.”

Derek Widener

“Acupuncture is the way to go, especially when administered by Georjana Shames, whose spirit and energy improve the patient with a sense of well-being and progress.”

–George Wheaton

“Georjana is a truly skilled practitioner with a deep understanding of and compassionate towards people with autoimmune/metabolic disorders.  I’ve been so pleased with my treatments and the tremendous enhancement to my existing medical treatment.  Overall quality of life much improved.  Thank you.”

–Sarah Peyton

“Gigi’s treatment made me feel as if I’ve had a 3-martini lunch without the ill effects of alcohol.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and very gentle in her work.  I love it and her!”

–Helen Salem

“Gigi has been able to treat a rare eye disorder I have (Addis Pupil) which I had been told there was nothing to do for it.  I had been suffering with eye pain and strain and frequent headaches.  But regular visits with her have eliminated those symptoms!  Friends & family have also noticed a difference, they can’t tell anymore which eye is affected!  If I could come in every day, I would!  She first gave me hope that there was something to help a chronic condition.  Then she made a big difference in a condition that impacts my everyday life.  Her work has really honestly changed my life.  I could say so much more… Gigi has been fabulous!”

–Charis Stiles

“Georjana is amazing.  I have had a remarkable recovery from my health condition.  She is always kind and is knowledgeable about many health concerns.  She has treated my 12 year-old as well. I am so thankful for the work Georjana Shames does.”

–Maria Balme

“Georjana is GREAT.  Both knowledgeable and intuitive.  She listens.  She responds.”


“All of my treatments with Georjana Shames have been fantastic. In two months of pain literally the only time I was symptom-free was when I was lying on her acupuncture table. She has found the perfect niche within the field of Acupuncture and is an excellent practitioner. Thank you Georjana for helping me so much.”

–Jesse Ryan

“Before receiving Acupuncture I had symptoms of blurry eyes; my left eye tends to become blurry. During the treatment I was lying on the table as the needles were being inserted and I noticed the ceiling light above me could be used as a gauge for my eyesight. I began testing it by closing my eyes and opening them a moment later. Within minutes of receiving Acupuncture the contours of the light became sharper. Also the treatment was pain-free, and felt very good.”

–Iden Warnock

“Georjana treated me for a couple of months for a climbing injury (carpi ulnaris tendonosis), not to mention every other minor injury I managed to incur during that time. She was tender, attentive, and thorough. Beyond Acupuncture, she advised me on what to include in my diet to aid in the healing process. When we concluded the treatments, I felt stronger and more balanced.”

–Adam Butler

“I attended Preventive Medical Center’s open house and was really happy to say hello to Dr. Rich Shames and talk to some of the other practitioners.  Dr. Rich recommended that I make an appointment with Georjana and I did that.  I always wanted to get some Acupuncture treatment because I heard about the good results from it.  My experience with the treatment was wonderful and I wanted to pass this along to Dr. Rich and to Georjana.  During the treatment I began to feel the release of a great amount of tension and the lifting of troublesome thoughts.  And, I have had better concentration and focus since.”

–Barbara Bilsky

“Georjana, since my last Acupuncture session I have been doing very well and have lost weight!  Feeling good with your recommendation to cut out gluten and I definitely think you hit the nail on the head with that one.  The herbal formula you made for me is kicking in; with it I’m losing weight and I can’t believe how well I’m sleeping.”

–Lyle Milovina

*Please Note: Your Experience And Results Receiving Acupuncture Are Individualized & May Vary.  The Above Items Are A Sampling Of Patient Testimonials & Not An Implication Of Guarantee Of Your Results.

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