Hello, I’m Licensed Acupuncturist Georjana Shames, the daughter of Doctor Richard and Nurse Karilee Shames, and I would love to introduce you to an ancient medicine called acupuncture.  Acupuncturists use very thin needles, medical massage, and various Chinese herbs to treat pain, hormone imbalances, insomnia, emotional distress, infertility, and so on.  We also utilize natural methods (such as nutrition, dietetics, and lifestyle guidance) to prevent diseases before they even have a chance to occur.

Sometimes people are afraid of getting acupuncture, but I assure you I’m very, very gentle and use incredibly thin steel needles, as thin as a single human hair. I also use Chinese herbal formulas modified to each individual to restore my patients back to optimal wellness. Just like my medical father I specialize in hormone balancing for thyroid, menopause and adolescence, as well as for sustainable weight loss. I also work to reduce your stress and your pain.

My goal as your acupuncturist is to provide both symptom relief and treatment for the root cause of your conditions. In this way you feel better fast, but also problems stop recurring because you are becoming healthier and healthier internally. In fact I am very confident that you can benefit from the 5,000 year-old wisdom of our medicine because it helped me recover from thyroid depletion and adrenal fatigue just a few years ago. So I can empathize with you about these conditions and I can say with certainty what really works.

An ideal referral for my practice would be a person whose stress level is no longer healthy, who wants to feel more peaceful in everyday life; a woman or man with thyroid concern, neck/back/or joint pain, or children and teenagers with social anxiety, attention deficient, insomnia or asthma.

You can have a richer, fuller, more relaxing experience. Imagine having plenty of energy, sleeping well each night, craving only foods that are good for you.

If stress has taken a toll on your health; if you suffer from hormonal imbalances that are making your everyday life feel depressing or burdensome; if you want to lose weight or quit smoking or become pregnant but have not yet been able to, Acupuncture is the answer. Acupuncture has been described as, Awakening the body’s original intelligence to heal itself.

I’m Georjana Shames and I’m happy to tell you the medicine of ancient China is within your reach.

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