How The Medicine Of Ancient China Benefits You Today

Two millennia have passed since the fundamental acupuncture text Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic) was painstakingly etched into bamboo parchment, but the principles of diagnosis and treatment explicated in the classics of Chinese Medicine hold the same clinical significance today as they did thousands of years ago. Acupuncture can benefit you especially because our frenetic modern lifestyle is often so out of balance with the principles of the ancient Chinese way.

In Chinese Medicine the basis of life for all beings is Qi (or Chi); Qi means energy; it is the impulse of our beating heart, the movement of blood pulsing against arterial walls, our ability to breathe and stretch our legs and take off running.  Qi is the catalyst of both form and function, and each person’s Qi creates the basis for her/his health and longevity.

What acupuncturists do when we utilize needling techniques and herbal formulas, is instill a rebalancing of the patients’ Qi from within.  You benefit with restored equilibrium to the two interconnecting and mutually dependent forces of Yin and Yang.

This guides the natural intelligence of the human body to nourish the energy pathways and internal organs, resulting in natural revitalization and a recovery from disease.

Because acupuncture awakens the body’s original intelligence to heal itself, it benefits patients suffering from a vast spectrum of ailments – whether caused by bacteria in 2000 BC or viruses in 2000 AD, or from internal factors such as a highly stressful lifestyle.

In our modern world, it seems that high stress and increasing pressures have become daily constants in almost everyone’s life. We struggle to get out of bed, rush to drive in traffic, work long hours to prove our merit, become wired and tired from too much coffee and too little sleep, feel crushed under deadlines, scramble home to get dinner ready in time, eat less healthily than we would if we had more time and money, argue over how to pay off new bills and old debt, mediate family difficulties, then try to finish the dishes and pack lunches and fold laundry and answer e-mails.

In Chinese Medicine, a fast-paced life with too much work and pressure without enough rejuvenation is a leading cause of disease, since living under stressful conditions day in and day out depletes the Qi and damages the Yin Yang balance.

Fortunately the human body is a remarkably resilient system with an unparalleled ability to regain equilibrium. The Qi, Yin, and Yang can often be completely restored if one receives acupuncture and cultivates an approach to life that is focused on peace, happiness, and a healthy balance of work and relaxation.

This is why in addition to needles and herbs, most successful acupuncturists also include in treatments some guidance for leading a balanced and sustainable life.

“I look forward to creating an integrative plan with you for your more energetic, balanced, and blissful lifestyle.  I am confident that acupuncture to optimize your physical and emotional wellness, will benefit your health as it has mine. See you soon!

Gigi Shames, LAc

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