Gigi Shames specializes in balancing your hormones

for thyroid, menopause, and fertility, as well as pain and stress.

Thyroid & Adrenal Acupuncture Hormone Balance

The health of your thyroid gland truly makes or breaks your daily energy level, the ability to sustain a normal weight for your frame, overall metabolic function, and can even affect your emotional life (if thyroid hormone production is low, depression can result; if high, anxiety can result).

Your thyroid is a remarkable gland, located at the front of the throat by the laryngeal prominence. If it functions properly the perfect amount of thyroid hormone is secreted for your energy needs, but if it is low you will likely feel fatigued, unable to keep up with life’s demands, have sleeping troubles and gain weight easily and feel cold much of the time. Millions of Americans have a low thyroid condition from the toll of years of stress, and pollution in our air, food, and water.

Adrenal and thyroid conditions often go hand in hand, as the adrenals (located just above the kidneys) attempt to compensate cortisol hormone for low thyroid secretion. “Burning the midnight oil” depletes cortisol levels; if adrenal fatigue develops, it is very hard to treat with Western medicine alone.

Fortunately Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help restore thyroid and adrenal function, and bring back to balance other hormones as well (such as reproductive hormones). The patient’s overall health pattern determines the acupuncture points selected to restore Yin Yang equilibrium. Specifically tailored herbal formulas for each patient are prescribed to strengthen the internal Qi (energy), and nutrition and exercise guidance assist in the healing.

TCM can naturally help you recover from hormone depletion & imbalance, especially when both Eastern and Western modalities are integrated on your behalf. View the website of Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames (father and mother of Georjana Shames, L.Ac.) for a Western medicine perspective on hormone balancing and for Dr. Richard Shames’s medical coaching by phone at

Stress, Anxiety, Pain

There are a multitude of health-related repercussions to the constant daily stress that accompanies Americans’ increasingly hectic lifestyle. We have neck pain from holding the phone to our ear while racing to work, spend the business day anxious then come home exhausted, and when we finally leave on vacation who joins us? The laptop, palm pilot, and cellphone. We recognize it is unhealthy yet we do not know how to cultivate relaxation.

If stress and anxiety are taking their toll, if you have neck, back, or joint pain, if you are losing sleep and cannot seem to truly relax, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help. Acupuncture points specifically for treating pain and relieving stress will be selected, while an herbal formula to promote emotional wellness and restore the physical body will assist you in finding peace.

Of course our daily existence may never be completely stress free, but with gentle healing techniques and guidance for managing difficulty or pain as it arises, we can ensure much more grace while navigating life’s pressures.

Your Daughter Or Son’s Child-To-Teen Transition

A young person’s middle school years are sometimes called the ‘tween stage, because around the ages of eleven or twelve or thirteen, one is no longer truly a child but is not yet fully a teenager (be“tween”). Adolescence can be the most difficult period in a person’s life with its rapid hormonal variances, increased academic and social pressures, and tension at home from the changing relationship of parents to daughter/son.

Good news, parents and tweens alike! Traditional Chinese Medicine can help smooth the rough edges of the transition from childhood to adulthood. All aspects of the tween years can be addressed by acupuncture and herbal formulas, from hormone changes affecting complexion or emotions, to homework difficulty, physical growing pains, etc.

An unrelated adult wholeheartedly listening to your daughter or son, offering the Acupuncture room as a safe haven for their frustrations and aspirations, can assist them in maintaining a more even keel while navigating the choppy seas of adolescence.

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