Acupuncture for Anxiety & Stress & Quitting Smoking

tired at work
There are a multitude of health-related repercussions to the constant daily stress that accompanies Americans’ increasingly hectic lifestyle.
We have neck pain from holding the phone to our ear while racing to work, spend the business day anxious then come home exhausted, and when we finally leave on vacation who joins us? The laptop, palm pilot, and cellphone. We recognize it is unhealthy yet we do not know how to cultivate relaxation.

If stress and anxiety are taking their toll and you are feeling more and more “burnt out,” if you are losing sleep and cannot seem to truly relax, Acupuncture can help. meditate1

Acupuncture points specifically for treating pain and relieving stress will be selected, while an herbal formula to promote emotional wellness and restore the physical body will assist you in finding peace.

One move you can make which has immediate benefits is quitting smoking, and acupuncture can help you do so.  Your lungs can begin to recover the moment you stamp out your last cigarette.  This group has more information for people who want to quit

Of course our daily existence may never be completely stress free, but with gentle healing techniques and guidance for managing difficulty or anxiety as it arises, we can ensure much more grace while navigating life’s pressures.