Acupuncture for Adrenal

Adrenal and thyroid conditions often go hand in hand, as the adrenals (located just above the kidneys) attempt to compensate cortisol hormone for low thyroid secretion. “Burning the midnight oil” depletes cortisol levels; blue sunset silhouette
if adrenal fatigue develops, it is very hard to treat with Western medicine alone. Fortunately Acupuncture can help restore adrenal function.

The patient’s overall health pattern determines the acupuncture points selected to restore Yin Yang equilibrium. Specifically tailored herbal formulas for each patient are prescribed to strengthen the internal Qi (energy), and nutrition and exercise guidance assist in the healing.

Acupuncture can naturally help you recover from hormone depletion & imbalance, especially when both Eastern and Western modalities are integrated on your behalf. View the website of Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames (father and mother of Georjana Shames, L.Ac.) for a Western medicine perspective on hormone balancing and for Dr. Richard Shames’s medical coaching by phone at